Sunday, August 31, 2014

The unexpected path to entrepreneurship - A great scientist shares her story (and a little wisdom gleaned from the journey)

Last week I met three science graduates.

One person was talking about the issue where even the science graduates do not have proper jobs. Second person told me that now she regret for selecting science as her field. She said, “If I manage to do a MSc, maybe I will get a university lecturer job. Third person was talking about a different issue on our mothers and sisters moving to Middle East and the social issues that come with that.
While I sat back and thought of what they discussed, I met this awesome lady, another scientist, Ms Praveena Joseph-de Saram.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to help people in Sri Lanka - 1 (Drinking water problem in North Central province)

When I meet educated Sri Lankans working abroad , they always ask this question. How we should help our fellow Sri Lankans back home. They have the expertise and the resources, yet have no information as to how or where there help should go. Therefore I decided to start a series of articles to show them where we need help.

The most critical problem at the country right now seem to be the drinking water problem in Polonnaruwa and surrounding areas these days. This is critical in areas out side Mahaweli project.
There is no drinking water and it has led to many diseases such as CKDu (serious damage to kidneys over the years).

Therefore there's an urgent need for clean water mainly in Polonnaruwa district where more than 40,000 families affected with the drought.