Monday, May 27, 2013

How to answer accounting interview questions on basic Debit and Credit?

Why on the earth I'm writing on debit and credit?
There were couple of requests from my friends to write a summarized  article on this topic. Most of the accounting job interviews contains at least few questions on debit and credit.

There are thousands of articles in internet on debit and credit. But I thought I should write a summary version customized to Sri Lankan interviews, so that it could be useful for someone who do not have much time to prepare for an interview.

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Since there are much detailed articles already in the net, I've taken most of the below examples directly from some sites and the relevant link is given under each quoted paragraphs. Please refer to those separate sites for explanations and more details. But if you already know your theory and just need a revision, this article is sufficient.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How a women can help another women? !

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Men on women !

Recently I happened to read some of the comments made by male readers regarding a lady in one of the gossip web sites . I was quite shocked to read those. For a moment I thought what sort of an animal society we are living in. Men in this country are sick.  But then again I remembered that, these are the people we try so hard to help. These are the men we try to develop and uplift. If the attitudes of the men in Sri Lanka changes, women in Sri Lanka will anyway reach the sky. So much of potential just go hidden in shades of pathetic men.

Women for other women

I feel that, before we change men, women should make an effort to respect each other first. Out of desperation, I thought I should have this in writing, even if its out of my scope for this site.

Monday, May 6, 2013

What to consider when giving funds to non governmental organizations (NGO's) - 1

What are the things donors should take in to account when giving funds to organizations in Sri Lanka?
A small scale foreign donor asked me the above question and I actually Googled to find a proper answer. But failing which, I realize I can answer this question to a reasonable extent. I have come across many NGOs in various stages in different contexts. This article contain some information I gathered during my involvement with NGOs as an employee, as a researcher and as an informed citizen :). I have audited many NGOs, but my professional ethics prevent me from disclosing any of those findings. But the things I experienced surely leads me to  this article :)

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How to simply assess the suitability of an organization to receive funds and what to consider?

Friday, May 3, 2013

What not to tell your patients - Message to Sri Lankan doctors with love

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I was tempted to write this after listening to this particular incident in couple of family get-togethers. This is about a very simple statement made by a doctor with a good heart, but resulted ruining a whole family. I thought I should write it down.  Because in case if there are any young doctors who are willing to search and find what not to tell your patients, this could be a great example.