Saturday, June 29, 2013

What NOT TO DO when raising a daughter?

Bring up a girl child is one of the most challenging yet very satisfactory experience in life. A girl's life is mostly depend on how the parents brings her up. Having the opportunity to be open up with many girls and many elderly women, I thought I should summarize this article in to what are the mistakes we do with brining up a girl and how to address and overcome those.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How to make life easy in a Sri Lankan kitchen? - Appliances and equipments for a busy family

How to cook Sri Lankan food easily?

I have some of the friends who usually works nearly 12-16 hours a day either from office or remotely logged from home. In some families, both husband and wife work such long hours due to the nature of their jobs. By the time they come home, they are too tired to cook a meal. Therefore they either settle for a short eat or take away food from a restaurant. But its not a pleasure to eat from outside every day and every meal. I thought I should pen a small note which might help them. I have to assume that these appliances are affordable for them and the electricity bills are bearable.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Things to consider when starting a small / medium business in Sri Lanka

Once a friend of mine teased that "you should never encourage a foreign investor to invest in Sri Lanka". Well if you exclude the legal and political frame work, there are many benefits of investing in Sri Lanka. I've worked with investors from all continents except Africa. I can assure that compared to many countries, Sri Lanka is not as bad as they say. I have to agree its not easy to practically operate smoothly. But there are many benefits. In this article I'm trying to give a summarized picture of both sides, the risks and the benefits of starting a business in or with Sri Lanka and more in to how to over come some of the difficulties.
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to raise a happy and safe child in Sri Lanka - 1

Recently one of my truly Sri Lankan aunts asked me how to help her niece with her baby. After listening to her long explanation on how the niece refuses her help and how she think the niece should have listen to her advice, and how she thinks that niece is not a good mother, I told her "may be the best way to help is that you just shut up and mind your own business" :D

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Couple of years before I started reading and researching on this topic. I could not find much local writings on this. There are many expert articles in the internet from mental and physical health experts. But I feel I must write this, because in Sri Lanka, raising a happy baby is much to do with the society and its attitudes. Parents and family has to do the main part of it, but society too have a role in it. I'm still not an expert, but I can at least write some crucial points I came across during my studies on this.