Monday, April 11, 2011

What to do next in Sri Lanka if failed A/Ls.........?

This is for..................?

This article is not targetted at those who were lucky enough to get through the GCE A/L examination. This is targeted at the closer to 80% student population who do not have the bliss of obtaining basic qualifications to go to the next level.

Why this is .................?

This is mainly my reply to the young girl who sent me a letter in last month asking what to do when someone failed advanced level  examination. Since my reply to her can be useful to many other people, I'm publishing it here.

As I first read her mail, what came to my mind was the below dialog from the "Adventures of Alice in Wonderland".

'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'

'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.

'I don't much care where --' said Alice.

'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.

'--so long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.

This has all I want to say. You asked me to show the direction. But it all depends on where you want to go.

But since you trust on me, may be I can help you with some tips.

What it is like to faile A/Ls....................?

My admin asked me "gosh is this an article topic?". hahahaha certainly yes. Because majority of the Sri Lankan students I meet think that, this is the end of life. Ironically they only think like that after they see the results sheet them selves ! Obviously an year before the exam, a month before the exam, on the exam and even after the exam they know that they are gonna fail for sure. But they actually feel it, after the results. Then its too late to change it unless you repeat the exam in next year. But for those who think, thats the end of the life, no thats not. Thats just an one important hurdle you missed in life.

For those who failed in A/Ls I'm telling you. You can still be anyone you want. You can still be a millioner. You can still be a very successful person. You can still be an expert in any field and gain the respect. If you want it, you can do it. I'll tell you how. But if you don't want it, I can't help with it. Its all up to you to decide !

What should you do if you fail GCE Advanced Level exam...............?

1. Why I failed A/Ls?

Out of many things, first think "Why you failed the exam?". The correct answer to this will guide you long way.

I have met many students who failed A/Ls. In my analysis, I categorised them in to couple of classes.

(a) Those who selected the subjects which they never liked. -

If this is the case, when you select the subjects for your further education, select what you like. For example, if you love music and if you are good at it and you did Bio science for A/Ls for some reason, do music in higher studies. (Now don't ask how to do higher studies without A/Ls, I'll tell you somewhere down in this article).

(b) Selected the right subjects, but did not given any effort to pass the exam.

That means you know what you have to put through when you do your further studies. If you are a person, who cannot concentrate at all, then also there are solutions.

(i) Just go for a good Yoga or a meditation programme which trains you through out some time.

(ii) Hang out with the right people. If your friends do not allow you to study, get away from them. They are not going to do any good to you.

(iii) If you can't study at home, go for a proper place like a library.

(c) Selected the right subjects, tried the best to pass, but couldn't make it.

 Unfortunately, I have to accept that there is a group like this as well. I met students who simply love mathematics. I belive anyone can be good at maths. But may be not in normal class room environment avalable for us at the moment.

I met some students who studied hard and came to school everyday, but could not understand a single geometric equation. It mostly depend on the way how a child is brought up, what activities he involved in since childhood etc etc.

If any parents who are reading this, wondering, how to make a young child good in mathematics, I would say there are many advice available in the net. Just do a google search. Below link is one example.

Its not only mathematics which comes in to this category. It could be any subject. I just took maths as an example.

For the students belong to this category, I have two solutions.

(a) If you still belive your self - Continue higher studies in this field. But you should understand the risk of it. You should understand how much of hard work you will have to put in to achive your target. Will you ever be able to shine as an engineer when you have serious problems with maths? I wouldn't say No. But for many reasons, I wouldn't go ahead with this suggestion.

(b) I would recommend you to go for higher studies with second best option. If you know that you can't dance for a tofee, you don't have any rhythm in you, give it up at right time. Select the second best thing you like and you can do.

 2. How to find an institute for higher education?

There are many places in Sri Lanka for higher studies. Depending on the field you want to study and depending on your financial capability, you can pick a place.

You are reading this means, you have access to internet. So please do a search. Most of it is in the net. Atleast you can find a contact number.

For those who have financial difficulties, there are many places which gives good education at a less cost I would say. If you really do a walk around, you can find free education methods as well. May be I will post another article on that. Until then here are few tips for you to look for. You can check from these, what are the additional routes of entering these places without A/Ls. (They have options like other exams, work experience etc).

I would say call these places. Go to them. Ask what subjects they offer. Check whether you can do those. Think whether you like those. Does it support to find a job in the market? Do an analysis before you a pick a one.

Below links have some useful details.

(a) Sri Lanka Institutes Directory

Other places such as Sri Jinarathana Vocational Traininig Institute,  National Institute of Business Management (NIBM), open university, Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies etc which offers a good education at a reasonable price.

3. Find a basic job where you can get a good training

This is a very good option available to a poor student who failed A/Ls. Go for a job which will train you on a particular thing. Just don't care how much you get in the training years.

It may be an audit firm, a garage, a hotel kitchen, a construction company, a garment.... any place. Work very hard. Learn everything around you. Be good with people. Learn work from them. Do any work you get at this age. I can do any work in my office. From taking photo copies, fixing wires to managing the company, I can do anything. Because at some stage of my life, I've done those.

4. How to find a basic job?

May be I'll write a separate article on this :)

Until then do a check for your self  !!


Hasitha Jayasooriya said...

Also there are so many higher study options available and no one care about AL if you get a Dig :)by the way good post n keep this up :D

Nishadee said...

True that :) Thanks :)

dilum said...

Im dilum, and I got 1C and 3S[C for B.S and 2s for econ and accounting] for my A/L s in my 2nd shy ,1st shy I was faile[s3 and 1f for accounting studies].... I did CHARTED(cab I ) exam in 2013 March ,I just passed business english (53marks), pasing mark is 50 and all other subjects are failed[accounts 34,econ 33,maths 29]..
SO PLZ HELP ME SOMEONE ,MADAM/SIR, OR ANY FRIEND ...plz tel me what I must do for my future , i haven't a plan :-(

Nishadee said...

Hi Dilum,

1. Do you like doing chartered or becoming an accountant? If then study a bit hard and give it a try again. I'm sure you are not studying enough.

2. Or else if you don't like accounting field, then change your field. Decide what you like and what you can do. There has to be something you are good at. So choose to study in that particular field.

3. If you don't like studying anything, just start working. Start with any small job you like. Work hard and honestly. Love the work you do. May be then you will want to study again in that field. Then you will do with by heart.

Just don't give up. Your results don't mean anything. It doesn't mean you are a weak student. All you need is little bit of planning is lot of commitment. Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I'm dil.i did al in science.i got one s pass in biology,i havnt any idea about my hw i go my target,tell me good path for go my target,i want to be a scientist(biomedical or computr).i dont face al exm again,nw i'm 20 years old.

Supun Malinda said...

Hi i am supun.i did al in maths.i got c for all.i havnt any idea about my future.i have some money problems.i dont want to face al again.i want help to make my path.

Anonymous said...

i'm dulni . i did my a/ls in arts subjects and i got B pass for Sinhala , C pass for English and Media subjects but i failed econ .(i have been following a course of graphic designing ) i wish to be a graphic Designer . pls tell me, in future can i get a job in pvt company ?

Anonymous said...

keep blogging bro

Pramodi Prabuddhika said...

I passed my o/ls and did a/ls in languages.But i couldn't take even a single pass.I m very dissapointed. My family members ask me to do the exam again.But I dont have an idea what can I do. I cant memorize anything and I dont understand.pls help me

CourseNet said...

Now you can visit to find after a/l courses in sri lanka.

Gayathri Senaviratne said...

Hello, Im Gayathri. I did my A/ls in Bio science last year. I got 2 S passes and failed in physics, I did this time too, I'm hopeless in physics and I'm pretty sure I would fail this time too. I have no intention in doing 3rd shy. I love language and literature. I'm good at writing poetry and stories. Destiny brought me to this scientific life And I feel helpless. Please help.

Ngoc Lan said...

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Anonymous said...

Hai, I am doing my A/Ls next year. I'm doing commerce. But I don't like to do Commerce. I agreed to do it to satisfy my parents and also our school did't have the subjects that i wanted. Yet i didn't want to leave my school. Now I get really low marks ( All below 40s ). Now i regret for choosing Commerce. but still i feel that its TOO LATE to change my stream. My parents wants me to continue in the Commerce stream itself. Please give me some advice

Anonymous said...

thanks so much

Unknown said...

Brother never do what others like. I did my a/l yesterday in bio science and finished. I dont have hope to get pass because i did what my family members wanted me to do. Never ever do that. Try to love it or do what u love

Anonymous said...

check this out!

Krishanie Sukumaran said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shakila Sheheran said...

Hi Im Shakila. I am doing mathematics for a/l. Our family is not a rich one. Therefore they hope my exam. As today there is no problem but I don't know about the future. If I would take 3s for mathematics can I have a job with a better income? Please help me.......,

iroshadhi said...

Hi.. I'm iroshani.. I did my advanced level in bio science 3times.. But I couldn't achieve even my target.. I couldn't get 3 s passes for in any time.. Now I feel helpless.. There are no targets to live.. I m helpless..and hopeless.. I don't know what should I do.. I'm so interested in studying..but I have to do nothing.. I don't know.. What should I do! I don't know that how to face my future.. Some times I feel leave from my life.. I don't know.. I like to do higher education.. But can I? If u have any idea.. Can u plz tell me.. There are no ideas in my mind.. Plz if u can Dr?

tharangi said...

Hi i'm tharangi. I did my A/L last year(2016).but i got all subjects down (chemistry,physics,maths) so my parents are teling me to do 2 nd shy.. but i dont like i am going some revision classes also.. but now i am getting stresses so badly .... can ypu help me MADAM i dont know what should i do ( how ever i like to be an architectre, gabrden designer etc) plzz madam can you help me...i dont want to do a/l this year so how can go to my target without doing A/L ????

Anonymous said...

There's lot of job opportunities out here anyone who faced bio.. If u hv a problem abt money, jst joing with pharmacy and learn evrythng around u and jst do phrmcy course. It LL be let u nxt lvl... Don't be a bllshit..��

Nazeeha Sh said...

i did gce a/l 2016 in maths stream but i failed in chemistry subject passed maths and physics. im confident that i can make myself to the campus. the problem is financial. then i started selfstudying to attempt 2018 a/l exam. please correct me if im getting the wrong decision..

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Dilmi and I am sitting for ALS this August. But I am 100% sure that I will not pass one subject, Japanese language. Sitting for the exam again is so stressful and I don't want to go through that burden again. I talked to a NSBM and they said that the ones who failed can get a degree but must do another separate course prior to the degree.
All I want to know is whether a degree with one main subject failed in advance level acceptable? Will I get issues in finding a job? Please help... This I so frustrating... I am truly worried and disappointed ��