Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sinhala story books for children - සිංහල ළමා කතන්දර පොත්

A relative of mine living in another country sent me an email last week. He has two children aged 5 and 8. He was going to Sri Lanka for a short trip and he asked me what could be good Sinhala books  for his children. His email had quite descriptive requirements as to what he needs. "Everyone these days write childrens books to find money. Most of the childrens books today are not suitable for children. Not only the content, but the language too is disastrous. Can you please recommend some books which you have allready read and no nonsense? So that I could read those to my kids" is part of the email !

It took a long time to come up with a reasonable reply where I dragged the old books out of the shelf and spent more time with memories. Therefore I thought may be I will share it as it could be useful to many others as well. I'm writing this with all love and much respect to my father and his library. These books made my childhood, and I hope those will lighten up many other children's' lives as well.