Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to select an IT job in Sri Lanka?

How to decide whether to do computer / IT studies in Sri Lanka -Part 2

There's a saying that "Life is too short for the wrong job".

Therefore today I want to discuss how to decide whether to do an IT job or not. How to choose what sort of a computer job is suitable for you. More importantly I want to stress on the fact that how to decide whether this is the correct field, correct industry for you to settle down.

What you should decide if you are interested in doing a computer / IT job in Sri Lanka

Parents often tell me.

"My daughter is graduating in computer science in next year. Then can you find her a job?"

Then I ask,

"What sort of a job she is looking for? What type of a company she prefers?"

Then they say

"Anything is fine".

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back ground to decide whether to do computer / IT studies in Sri Lanka

What to do after A/Ls

 Many parents has told me that, they prefer to send their children to follow a computer degree after finishing GCE Advanced Level exam. The main reason for their decision is, there's a general belife that there will be a job in the market for a student with an IT degree, those who do such jobs are getting paid high salaries and of course that's one of the fields which grows very fast. But neither parents, nor students have any idea why they should do a computer degree and what sort of a job, their education will offer them.

IT Graduates in Sri Lanka

On the other hand, more than one thousand IT graduates comes to the Sri Lankan job market within a year. There are many graduates who complains that there are no jobs. Same as there many employers who complain that there are no talented employees who fit in to their job expectations.