Monday, January 10, 2011

Back ground to decide whether to do computer / IT studies in Sri Lanka

What to do after A/Ls

 Many parents has told me that, they prefer to send their children to follow a computer degree after finishing GCE Advanced Level exam. The main reason for their decision is, there's a general belife that there will be a job in the market for a student with an IT degree, those who do such jobs are getting paid high salaries and of course that's one of the fields which grows very fast. But neither parents, nor students have any idea why they should do a computer degree and what sort of a job, their education will offer them.

IT Graduates in Sri Lanka

On the other hand, more than one thousand IT graduates comes to the Sri Lankan job market within a year. There are many graduates who complains that there are no jobs. Same as there many employers who complain that there are no talented employees who fit in to their job expectations.

Even though there are large number of gradauates, not everyone of them wishes to do an IT job, after their graduation. Same as, employers do not hire people for IT jobs, just because they have an IT degree. On the other hand,  IT degree is not the only route directed to an IT job.

Types of IT jobs in Sri Lanka?

People frequently ask, what are the IT jobs in Sri Lanka. The basic level of classification can be shown as below.

1. Software Engineering
2. DBA - Data Base Administration
3. QA Engineering - Quality Assurance
4. Web / Graphic designing
5. Hardware / IT Support
6. Network / Systems Administration
7. Project Management

We will discuss more detail level of these industries in the next articles.

What are we going to do?

Therefore from this month, we thought of publishing number of articles which helps the students who wish to select IT as their career path. We hope that these will help to create a better IT job market in Sri Lanka with quality workers, within next decade. From these articles we hope to bring you the details such as education, talents, attitude and other requirements to fit in to these IT jobs and of course the rewards from them such as salary scales (market rates at 2010) , other benefits, job satisfaction and many other details.

Sharing wisdom of the experts in Sri Lanka's IT industry

If you are in the IT industry, and if you are interested in joining with us to provide articles related, please drop us a mail. Because we are trying to get the story from people who are actually in the industry.


If you are selecting any field for your higher studies, you should know perfectly whether its suitable for you. To decide that, you should do a very thorough investigation in to the relevant field. If you are planning to work in the same industry you study, you should know what sort of jobs are there and how can you get a job, what do they expect from employees, how much they pay etc etc details.  Then you should think what life will be like after getting that job, and is that the life you dream of ? If not, you should select what is suitable for you. What you like. What goes hand in hand with your life/career objectives.

I thought of ending this introduction article with the below quote I obtained from one of my friend's Face book page.

"My boss  is a dog
job is a ghost,
Iam broke,
Life is a joke"

Lets meet in a new day, with a new article and with a new hope for life. I wish none of you will have to write a similar poem, after some years later :)


Vasantha Lokuliyanage said...

I found your atricle very interesting. Do you know how to reach the advanced level students in order to help them to understand How to study

Nishadee said...

I'm not very clear on which area you are hoping to help them Vasantha. But if its by mode of lectures, just select a school in your area and talk to the principle.