Monday, September 20, 2010

Job Interview questions in Sri Lanka - 2 Interviews by Indian Bosses :D

People don't get selected from interviews??

These days many of our friends go to job interviews. Even though they are quite bright and capable employees, they do not get selected. (Of course the people who goes without a pull!!!). They have very funny stories about these interviews.

Why don't they get selected?

I saw some underlined facts from them which can be useful to others who would face similar interviews. So I thought rather than I my self explaining the circumstances, I should post these as it is. Your intelligence should be able to grab if there's anything. hint hint !!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to become a Scientist in Chemistry in Sri Lanka?

Today I have to introduce another guest writer to this site. She is Mrs Surangi Jayawardena who is an expert in Chemistry and brings much fame to Sri Lanka. She completed her bachelor's degree in Science at University of Colombo while specialising in Chemistry. She won a scolarship to the Portland State University- USA to do a PhD. Currently she is involved in an important chemistry research.

Author - Surangi Jayawardena

What is it to become a Scientist in Chemistry?

Is your idea of a chemist is to be working underpaid in a white lab coat mixing things in a back room of a pharmaceutical company? Maybe you are right. But the trick is to move all the way from a Chemist to become the “Scientist”. A Chemist mixes things according to a recipe the scientist makes the recipe. Are scientist underpaid? Oh no.... they are very well paid mostly in six figures and that is one of the major advantages of being one.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Job Interview Questions in Sri Lanka - 1

Actual Job interview questions

(Picture credit -

Many people prefer to find, what sort of questions employers ask in job interviews. Therefore I decided to put up an article on how to face a job interview and what sort of questions would they ask.

I have received many letters from our readers requesting an article on how to prepare them selves for a job interview. They have sent me some of the details about the interviews they faced which I found so hilarious. This is one such article sent by a young reader who do not want to disclose his name.

Author - Anonymous !

Just to give some back ground on the author, he is a graduate on Electronics currently engaged in a job in the electronics field.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

BPO sector jobs in Sri Lanka 2 - Recruiting experts

We have vacancies. But no one to fill those!!!

People always complain that there are no jobs in Sri Lanka. It’s true that unemployment rate is quite high. I’m seeing people standing on queues near every single embassy/high commission and consulate, to take visa for foreign jobs.

Ironically, in the same country I have come across many situations that there are jobs, but no suitable people to fill those. You will understand what I'm trying to say after you read this. Literacy rate in Sri Lanka is very high. But its just people do not know that which areas of studies has a higher demand for jobs and which areas they should specialize on to meet the demands of current market. This is my effort to fulfill that information gap.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How to plan a small business computer network - 2

Yesterday we posted the 1st chapter of this article. This is the second part of this article.

Author - Kushan Weralupitiya

How to interconnect computers?

Once you decide which person gets which kind of PC and how many PCs you need, the next task is how to interconnect them. You have 2 basic options to begin with, wired or wireless network.

How to choose the best network for you

For low cost and high speed, traditional wired networks are still the best choice. But if you prefer not to snake wires across rooms and through walls, then the available option is to go for wireless. If no single type of network is best for you, you can use a hybrid network with both wired and wireless.

Assess how many computers will be on the network now and in the future. You don’t want to decide to go wireless because you only have a couple computers now and find that you need wired in a few years when you have many computers. Also, how much data will be used on the network and how fast will it need to go. A company dealing with streaming video will have very different requirements than a company that only uses the network for file sharing and to check email.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to plan a small business computer network - 1

This is the second guest article to this site. Author of this article is Mr Kushan Weralupitiya. He has obtained his BSc in computer science from University of London and he is an expert in the area of computer networking. Currently he is working as the systems administrator for Royal Institute Colombo.

How to plan a small business computer network

Author - Kushan Weralupitiya

Why we need to network computers?

Many small businesses now have multiple PCs. More than ever, it makes sense to connect them together in a network. If you have multiple PCs and intend to network them or if you are planning on creating a computer network for your new business from ground up, this will help you plan your computer system and the network.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to get children interested in reading books?

How to make children read books? - Tips to motivate children for reading books

I'm not an expert of  child development or child psychology. So all I can say is how my father made me a  good reader. I don't understand how to put it in a line or by order. So I would just say how I feel about it.

Tip # 1 - Lead by example.

My father was a good reader. He had a huge library at home. He loved books so much. When I was really small, the first impression I got was, he is a hero. He loves books.  So I also should love books. So I started cleaning the library and touching the books and seeing pictures, even before I could read letters. 

Tip # 2 - Help them to be independent readers.

I know most mothers get books for their children and read those for them. But unless you are careful, children may never learn to read. They will always expect you to read and tell them the story. Instead what you can do is, while you are reading the story to them, explain them the words, letters and how to read, how to identify letters etc.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why you should teach children to read ?

Educated idiots :(

Couple of days back I met a young professional who holds an important position in my field. Very aggressively she told me that,

"see Nishadee some of the members in our parliament are so dumb. I've heard that some of them are gonna vote against the 18th amendment. Its such a good amendment."

I was quite interested on reading it, so I asked her to give me the link to the content of the new bill from where ever she read it. Then she told me,

"Well........ I haven't read it.  But you know, we should support for it !!!".

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to be a Squash Player in Sri Lanka?

Squash in Sri Lanka

During my chit chats with many kids out side Colombo, one of the sports which they have not even heard was "Squash". It is indeed a very popular sport in Sri Lanka by now.

The Sri Lanka Squash Federation (SLSF) was officially formed in early 1981 and is accredited with the World Squash Federation (WSF) and the Asian Squash Federation. It is the official sports body which governs squash in Sri Lanka. (Details taken from SLSF site)