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Job Interview questions in Sri Lanka - 2 Interviews by Indian Bosses :D

People don't get selected from interviews??

These days many of our friends go to job interviews. Even though they are quite bright and capable employees, they do not get selected. (Of course the people who goes without a pull!!!). They have very funny stories about these interviews.

Why don't they get selected?

I saw some underlined facts from them which can be useful to others who would face similar interviews. So I thought rather than I my self explaining the circumstances, I should post these as it is. Your intelligence should be able to grab if there's anything. hint hint !!

Face to face - Real Time!

This is the second of such articles I have to publish without revealing the name of the author. I specifically wanted to publish this, because Interviews by Indian bosses are somewhat different to the usual interviews by Sri Lankans or Europeans or in fact anyone from any country. Since there is large number of Indian companies in Sri Lanka, I guess this will be very useful. The core of this will help you to identify their mind set, so by that apply it to any interview.

Why Indian Bosses?

I must mention this as well. This is not an effort to say Indians are dumb or stingy or anything of that nature. It’s just that they are different and you have to respect the difference. There are so many articles in the internet about Indian bosses, because people do not understand how they are. Interviews with Indian Bosses are more like exams than interviews. Because they are more keen on theory than practical or talents. To understand them, you have to understand the back ground they are coming from. When unemployment is so high in a country, people tend to agree to work for any amount. What is difficult is to find a quality employee. No need to mention that this is the general rule, but there are exceptions as well.

Tips to deal with Indian Bosses

In simply I can give you two simple tips to pass an interview with an Indian Boss.
1. Memorize your technical studies. E.g. Definitions etc
2. Request a very low salary

Author - Anonymous !

Job Interview in Sri Lanka - to select an Assistant Accountant

1. IQ Test - Passed
2. English Test - Passed
3. First Interview with the HR team - Passed

4. Second Interview with the head of the Finance (Indian Boss)
(Start of the interview)
come come please take a seat.
1. So how? How's life?

2. Why do you wanted to apply for this company?

3. Why do you think you are suitable for this post?

4. O.k. you think you are fit in to this category. Then you should be able to answer the rest of the questions o.k

5. Tell meeee what is the definition of contingent assets?

6. How to decide whether to make a provision or not?

7. Go through this scenario and tell me which account should be debit and which account should be credit?

8. If you were given an option to cut costs, how do you do it?

9. What do you know about revenue recognition?

10. Define accruals and tell me the accounting treatment. Which side of the balance sheet you have them?

11. How to value a company?

12. What is the Capital Asset Pricing Model?

13. What is the number of the standard for financial instruments?

14. Can you handle a team? Have you done it before?

15. When there is a dead line and if someone wanted to go home early, what would you tell them?

16. Which is the adjustment which is not a part of Trial balance but a part of Balance sheet?

17. Which is the adjustment not a part of trial balance but a part of balance sheet?
18. Give the details of overheads which are not included in costing...

19. Do you know how to prepare full accounts set manually? Have you done before?

20. So how much do you expect from us?

OMG!! You mean this is the annual salary you request right? (Then one of the Sri Lankans in the interview Board explained to the Indian boss that it’s obviously the monthly salary)

21. How much do they pay you in your current job?

22. Are they insane to pay so much? I mean what do you young people do with so much money? I can't believe this.

23. Anyway do you have any questions to ask from me?

Applicant - Sir what would be my role if I'm recruited?

Boss - Well you will be responsible to the whole finance function and you will have to prepare financial accounts, management accounts, budgets etc etc etc (list continues)

Applicant - Sir Does people in India do the same work and get paid this amount as the annual income?

Boss - Well you know we started business in Sri Lanka, because we wanted to train Sri Lankan professionals (and of course he had lot to say about everything other than the answer to the question)

Indian Boss - O.k. then we'll let you know.

Sri Lankan boss - Anyway thanks for coming to the interview. Hope to see you soon.
(End of the interview)


Our of jokes, I have to tell you something seriously. You must be prepared when you go to an interview. It’s up to the employer to ask anything he prefers. In some countries there are laws and etiquette which prevent employers from asking questions regarding the race etc. But here in Sri Lanka, there is no such thing. As long as it’s a decent question, you should be able to answer it. But yes, if it’s something you prefer not to answer, you can politely reject answering to that.

Anyway I've attached some of the links related to Accounting job interview questions which I feel might be important to you. If you do a Google search, you can find many more. But I couldn't find many articles specifically related to Sri Lanka. But its nothing much different.

Good Luck :)

You can refer these articles as well.


Anonymous said...

Even a best Accountant may not be able to remember most of these things. What do they expect by asking so many technical questions?

Jobs in Sri Lanka said...

lol it was soo cool reading this.. i had a good laugh... but some Indian managers do have brains on their head... and I knw few ;)looooved ur writing style

Nishadee said...

ha ha I know I know there are intelligent Indian managers too :D A normal job applicant won't find it so hard with them as much as it is with a dumb one. So I thought I should address the need lol :D

Ramesh said...

Hi dear, Friends I have commented in this blog some time ago, now I'm in a critical stage that I have to take a decision. I have applied to two Msc causes. One is analytical chemistry and the other one is Industrial and environmental chemistry.I'm considering pursue higher studies after completing the Msc.What are the strengths and weakneses of this Msc.(I am a engineering degree holder.) Please reply asap